Selwyn Arrow (Milford, Auckland)

Abe Williams (San Francisco, California)

Leesa Irving

…and many other testimonials too

  • “After years of ill-health my wife Carol went to see Marion. I can’t thank Marion enough for giving me my wife back!”
    Terence Hill (Queenstown, NZ)
  • “At first I was quite cynical about the biofeedback system, but I was blown away by how accurate it was, there was no way Marion could have known those things about me. There was a lot of detail and I thought the advice was well explained. The detox programme Marion gave me was easy, and slowly my digestive system has improved to the point that I now no longer have pain after eating and my skin is clear for the first time in years.”
    Jenny Curtis (Mt Roskill, Auckland)
  • I have been meaning to drop you a line for a while....finally got around to it.  At long last my throat mucus problem has been solved.  No more coughing and waking up in the night trying to swallow the stuff.  You suggested giving up potatoes  and I was so reluctant to do this, but guess what  ?????? One other thing I found out. I couldn't make out why the mucous always returned briefly when I had made a roast dinner with kumara instead of potatoes. Guess what, the gravy powder had potato as its main ingredient! I had no idea. Thank you so much.  Joyce
  • Marion is in my experience enormously qualified to [assess] the whole mind and body with complete accuracy and incredible empathy to identify a clear path to wellness.
    Deborah K.

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